It can be stressful finding just the right colour for your splashback. Splashbacks in Newcastle can look fantastic if you find just the right colour.

Materials Help You Choose

Kitchen splashbacks are typically created with the following materials: tiles, glass, stainless steel, or pressed metal. 

Pressed metal or tiles work well for a traditional look. It is vital to contemplate how much cleaning you want to do when you select the material for the splashback in your kitchen. 

Bigger tiles are simpler to clean than the more decorative mosaic tiles. 

Colour Selection 

If you’ve selected your benchtop material previously, then that will thin your selection of colours for the splashback in your kitchen. 

If you desire your benchtop to be the piece de resistance, then you can pick a more minimal or understated splashback colour to keep from drawing attention away from your kitchen’s splashback.

If you desire a more coherent look, then you will want to select colours that are like your benchtop. If you would like to make your kitchen look more exciting, then select colours that are contrasting or flattering. 

Marvellous Neutral Colours

Neutral colour schemes in kitchens are as popular as ever, and these can be used for your kitchen splashback. 

Selecting neutral colours for your kitchen splashback can bring a sense of balance to the atmosphere of your kitchen without being overbearing. 

Neutral colours are tasteful, ageless, and stylish. Some neutral colour possibilities are duck egg blue, muted greens, greys, and creams. They are great options. Another darker neutral colour selection you can try is navy. 

Give it some Colour

Bold colour splashbacks that stand out are perfect for kitchens that you would like to have a bright colour scheme or kitchens that want a dash of colour in an otherwise neutral-coloured kitchen. 

Employing bright blues or greens, fall shades of orange, yellow, or red to your splashback can add life to your kitchen. You can also choose the option of matching the colours of your splashback with other areas of your kitchen, such as accessories. 

Size Matters

It is important to think about the size of your kitchen when you select colours for your splashback in Newcastle. If your kitchen is tiny, then darker colours are not the greatest idea as they can absorb all of the light. 

Alternatively, an abundance of white splashback in a bigger kitchen can have your kitchen looking like a medical clinic if you are applying neutral colours to the rest of your kitchen. It is imperative to always consider the size of your kitchen as this will assist you with selecting the right colour scheme. 

For More Information

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